First Day of Classes at the American University

Today was to be my first day of classes at the American University in Cairo, but I had no students.  I’m told it’s because I’m an unknown quantity, teaching an elective course that’s never been taught before.  Since students had no idea who I am or the strange subject I’m teaching — just what is “convergence” journalism anyway? — we had no takers.  So we posted flyers on campus, tarting up my bio to lure students with the names of the fancy places I’ve worked and the trophies I’ve won.  It’s a little like sitting at the soda fountain in a short skirt waiting to be discovered.

The good folks at the Adham Center for Electronic Journalism at AUC have assured me that many classes don’t have much enrollment in the first week until the end of the add/drop period, which ends next Tuesday.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to report next week that I have a half dozen or more bright-eyed and energertic students eager to learn new things and telling the whole campus the definition of “convergence.” 

In the meantime, here are some photos of my new palatial digs (it looks bigger in person):

 apartment1  apartment3  apartment2

And here’s the view from the balcony (and the forest of satellite dishes on the rooftop of the building next door):

                         The view from the balcony

Oh, by the way, my fifth bag arrived.  With all of its contents. The travel angels continue to watch over me.


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