A Stroll Through Medieval Cairo


Here are some photos from my walk through the old Islamic quarter of Cairo. Its rustic streets and alleyways were the city’s main thoroughfares for a thousand years after the Fatimids conquered Egypt in 969 AD. Today, a stroll along the dusty paths that crisscross among the historic mosques and crumbling walls is quite a time warp. On a Friday afternoon — on a day that was also a national holiday — a couple of bearded North American visitors (even one with a big camera) went practically unnoticed as life went on as usual.

IslamicCairo3 IslamicCairo6

IslamicCairo13 IslamicCairo12 IslamicCairo10

IslamicCairo9 IslamicCairo11 IslamicCairo7

Kid with Bread


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