When Pyramids Bend

Bent Pyramid

Here’s a photo of the so-called “Bent” pyramid of Dahshur. The theory behind the bend is they started on too steep a slope to finish the pyramid and corrected themselves half way up. And the steep walls are also the reason the limestone is still on the outside and hasn’t been pilfered over the years for other buildings (like the original limestone exteriors of the pyramids of Giza).

I’ll post more photos of this and the red pyramid (and tell you why my legs and butt are sore today — and that I’m not alone). In the meantime, check out Marie‘s note about what we discovered deep inside the tomb chambers of the red pyramid and why our muscles are so sore today.

bent and red


3 thoughts on “When Pyramids Bend

  1. The old muscles REALLY did not like that. They are kicking up a fuss today. I just took an elevator two flights because stairs are too painful. I don’t think it’s going to get much better tomorrow… maybe by Wednesday or so.

  2. Just been reading up on cures for this soreness. Seems you’re supposed to massage the muscles in question. Not such a big deal for my sore quadriceps… but you might have a tougher time of it.

  3. Sounds like you were in a “crawlspace.” We visited Saqqara (where we could see both the Bent and Giza Pyramids at one spot – awesome), and Giza about 10 days ago, with our son. I am getting very antsy to see more. Looking forward to more on your trip.

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