Greetings from .jo

Just a quick note from an Internet cafe in Aqaba, Jordan.

 My trip has been truly awesome so far (and I rarely use that “a” word, but it applies to so much here).

Petra was amazing.  So much bigger and expansive than I had imagined.  And the desert landscape of Wadi Rum was likely where the words picturesque and gorgeous were coined.  I stayed in a bedouin camp (run by Zidane, and he calls it a Bedouin Meditation Camp) for a couple of nights and slept under the stars — and a very bright full moon — one of those nights.

Lots of hikes and my first camel trek.  But I have a blister the size of a Buick on the pad of my left foot, and that’s slowed me down a bit.

Will post photos and (gasp!) video next week. 


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