Curious Subletter

little doll in the windowWhen you sublet an apartment, you’re invited into someone else’s world, living among their most cherished things — family photos, trinkets collected in travels, works of art — and using them to piece together a bigger picture of a person you may have only met briefly to exchange keys and a rent check.

I’m subletting a place in Brooklyn for a couple of months, the one-bedroom apartment of a photographer.  Her work is beautiful, and I’m struck by the little things she chose to adorn the walls of her home.  As I stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes, I look at this little figure of a girl, standing in the sunlight of a sliver of a window above the stove.   I’m sure there’s a story behind this little piece of folk art, and its brethren on other walls in the flat.  Maybe the apartment’s owner will tell me when I return her keys to her.


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