Faces of Burundi – Part 3

wide shot burundi kids

When I’m shooting for a documentary, my main focus is the video camera. But I love taking stills, so I find myself snapping a few quick shots as I’m leaving, getting into the van to head to the next location.

kid with cup on headThese photos were taken of school children at a little village outside Bujumbura, Burundi. Workers were constructing a new school building, and the principal had come out — at my request — to keep the kids from getting in the shots while I gathered footage of the construction site.

But when I pulled out my still camera, and hung out with the kids to take some photos of them, I forgot to tell the principal it was okay for the kids to pose. While I was taking pictures, he came over with a switch and whacked the kids and they scattered. But not before I caught one little boy wearing a cup on his head, and snapped a few shots of the other kids who had swarmed around me as we prepared to leave.

kids in burundi


3 thoughts on “Faces of Burundi – Part 3

  1. Renee

    What a wonderful set of pictures. I have noticed that anywhere in the world I have been, kids love to have their pictures taken. You did a superb job of capturing their joy. Thanks for sharing!
    Your Cousin,

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