Shopping in Guadalajara

Wrestling Masks guadalajara

jesus and little doll guadalajaraThe San Juan de Dios market in Guadalajara has been at its current site since the 1500s, and many of the things that are traded here — meat and vegetables, baskets and garments — are not much different from what folks traded in the original market 500 years ago.

Market Guadalajara 1

Now a multi-level concrete structure with a parking garage on the top floors, this massive mercado has diversified with more modern fare like wrestling masks, trippy Jesus plaques and plastic dolls.

Mariachi 3 Mariachi 1

Mariachis play for diners in the open food court on the second level. And a boy sat below a gum ball machine near the leather jacket section.

nino con gumballs Baby jesuses guadalajara market

The Christmas section of the market just opened last weekend, and its booths are well stocked with crèche imagery and dozens of baby Jesuses.

Jesus in the plastic bubble

This figure seems to be doing a scene from an old John Travolta TV movie.


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