A convergence of cousins

Greetings from Amman, Jordan.   I’m having a great time here, working on a television news magazine project that combines the efforts of Jordan TV and LBC in Lebanon.  We spent the last few days producing the on-camera presentation for the hosts of the show.  We shot those yesterday and today in a coffee shop here in Amman.

I’ll post photos and stories about my adventures here soon, but I wanted to show you one photo of me, my sister and several of my cousins (from L to R: Renee, Tim, Angela, Laura, Me, Jennifer and Mary Kay) on Christmas Eve.

duff cousins at christmas

And during my trip home to Ohio, my sister, mom and I went to Falling Water, the famous home designed by the original “Starchitect” Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s.  It’s in the laurel highlands of Pennsylvania, about two and a half hours from my boyhood home in Ohio.

mom and craig in PA


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