Egypt: Marriage Beyond Reach

Eid in Cairo

On today’s site, a video I produced with Michael Slackmanand Mona El-Naggar accompanies Michael’s thoughtful and well-told story about how across the Middle East, many young people are forced to put off marriage, the gateway to independence. In their frustration they turn to religion for solace.

We meet a young man named Eid, who has fallen into despair about the unliklihood of affording the life he wants – with a house, a wife and kids.

There’s also a great slide show of photos by Cairo-based photographer Shawn Baldwin.

mosque in Beirut framegrab


2 thoughts on “Egypt: Marriage Beyond Reach

  1. Dr. John Persico

    Great Job, I am going to use the article and your film in my class for intro to business students. I want them to see other perspectives on the world. Thanks, John

  2. Rachel Clift

    Dear Craig,
    Your Egypt piece is informative, extremely well-written, and gorgeous. Do you have any suggestions on how a doc filmmaker can successfully make a move into web video for newspaper and magazine sites? I have a MFA in Film Production from BU, a few festival-winning doc shorts, and ten years’ experience in doc tv. I can’t afford another grad program for journalism, but have the skills to make the transition – how best to get started? Send a reel? Take a web journalism class through Media Bistro?

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