Chocolate Chips and Video Clips

hershey lodge signI’m in Hershey, Pennsylvania, co-teaching a workshop in video journalism for multimedia producer/reporters working for newspapers in the northeast.

We’re at the famous Hershey Lodge, where desk clerks give you a chocolate bar at check-in, the gift shop is filled with items like chocolate soap and cans of syrup, and there are bowls of Hershey’s candies and kisses at tables throughout the building. Even the streetlights are shaped like Hershey’s kisses.

I wonder if the incidence of diabetes is higher here in Hershey? And it must be a profitable place to be a dentist.

workshop 01The last time I was here, I was probably 8 years old. I remember touring the chocolate factory and, on the same vacation, cutting my leg on a shard of iron when I climbed on a cannon at the Gettysburg battlefield.

This time, I’m doing more grownup things like getting adults to toss a stuffed elephant and penguin back and forth as a way to teach how to shoot video sequences. Here are some images of workshop participants, and my co-trainer Robb Montgomery, editing quick video stories on deadline.

workshop 04
workshop 03

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