Opposite San Francisco

One of my favorite places to view the city of San Francisco is from the Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

It’s just across the Golden Gate bridge to the north the city, and a quick turn under the highway and up the cliffs leads you to some amazing sights. There are WWII-era bunkers with extraordinary views, and former barracks turned into park buildings.

I’ve been coming here since the days when I produced an environmental TV series for CNN/TBS. Peggy (reporter), Greg (photographer) and I would come up here to shoot pictures, do on-camera stand-up segments, and hang out for sunset.

The air is crisp. the Pacific waters mighty, and you can forget you’re only a few miles from town.

Yesterday, I parked the car and walked down to a beach where I sat for an hour and saw nearly no one until I left, when I noticed there was a naked guy doing tai chi near a cliff on the opposite end of the beach, and a guy with a bicycle was heading back up the steps.

Not sure how he got down to the beach — on wheels or on foot.

The bicyclist, I mean.

I assume the naked guy got there on foot. And in pants.

Here are some shots of the Point Bonita lighthouse on a craggy outcrop of the headlands, a view of the bridge from the Sausalito side, and a rose in Golden Gate park near where my friend Brian lives.

rose in Golden Gate Park


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