Rediscovered Photo

Craig at ruins near Luxor

I just found this photo on my hard drive as I was cleaning out some space for other files. It was taken by the father of a visiting student at the American University in Cairo. She was studying Arabic for a semester in a study abroad program from her college in Michigan. I met the family when we shared a table on the Nile cruise I took with my mom and sister. The student’s mother wore a hat with a propeller on it, so I could always spot her in a crowd. In fact, I used it to navigate my way back to our group, when I would ditch the organized tour to take photos on my own. The father was very kind to send me several photos he had taken, including some with a fish eye lens. Unfortunately, his original email got deleted somehow, and I’ve completely lost touch.

But I love this photo, taken at one of the ruins in Luxor. I think it’s at the mortuary temple for Hatshepsut.


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