From the Archives

Craig Duff at 25 years old in the Daily TexasLast week, my friend Brian gave me a gift that was a blast from the past. While cleaning out his parents’ house, he found some old articles he had saved from our days in graduate school. This photo is from an article in The Daily Texan, the student newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin.

It discussed my thesis documentary project, an hour-long film that chronicled the work of a couple who were fighting a quixotic battle to repeal the death penalty in Texas.

I barely recognize the man in the photo. But, luckily, Elton John and I have the same prescription, so I could wear his glasses.


One thought on “From the Archives

  1. I can’t say anything about your glasses because, well, you already said it best, and… what’s to stop you from posting an identical pic of me from the same time era?

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