Images from the Adirondacks

My weekend camping trip got rained out.

I rented a tent (mine is still in storage), and the darn thing leaked. When I woke up Sunday morning in a puddle after a night of steady rain, I decided to cut my trip short.

But I did see some amazing things.

I camped near beautiful ponds at two different camp grounds off the beaten path. I rented a kayak at one, and spent a few hours floating on Lake Kushaqua — its waters smooth as glass — listening to the cicadas and frogs.

After I checked into a bed and breakfast for my final night, the clouds parted for a few hours and I dashed up the slope of Cascade Mountain, one of the 46 peaks in the park over 4000 feet.

The walk was only about two and a half miles, but it rose nearly two thousand feet, which made it a bit strenuous.

But the view was more than worth it, and I made it back down before dark, before the rain started again.


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