Sublime AND Ridiculous? Absolutely!

Greetings from Mill Valley, CA.

Apologies that all my posts lately have been about work. But work is mostly what I’ve been up to lately. And that work is nothing if not challenging and eclectic.

Today, there are two videos I put together for that could not be more different. One is the video complement to reporter Sean Gregory’s story about LeBron James, the basketball superstar who is one of the lead players on the US Basketball Olympic team. He promises to bring the gold medal back to America from Beijing, after the team’s humbling bronze medal in the 2004 games in Athens.

The other is footage Joel Stein took with a small video camera of former Fall Guy actress and poster pinup Heather Thomas [now a political activist] at her home in Hollywood. If someone told me I’d be creating a digital version of a refrigerator magnet poetry set in my new job at a venerable news organization, I wouldn’t have believed them. But there you go.

It is probably the weirdest thing I’ve put together in a long time (and I’ve been to Burning Man!). But I think it’s hilarious.

What I love about the two stories is that they both end in the same word: absolutely.

SEAN: So you’re gonna do it, you’ll win the gold?

LEBRON: Absolutely.

SEAN: Guarantee it?

LEBRON: Absolutely.

CUT TO: the backyard of a Hollywood home.

JOEL: Are you going to put those [magnets of liberal political words] on your refrigerator?


CUT TO: WordPress blog

IMAGINARY INTERVIEWER: Craig, are you loving your new job?

CRAIG: Absolutely!


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