Family Tech

Technology is everywhere. And, on the web, there are countless sources of information and advice about the latest gadgets, googaws, stylish hardware and killer apps.

Creating a new approach to tech advice and reviews is a challenge, but with TIME reporter Josh Quittner, I’m having a lot of fun trying.

Josh knows tech. He’s been writing about it for years, at TIME and Newsday as well as Wired. He’s the former editor of Business 2.0 and was recently an executive editor at FORTUNE.

And he has a wife, three kids and two dogs. It’s this part of his bio — the family part — we’re putting to good use (with a twist) in these Family Tech videos, which we hope will be a weekly feature on

The latest one is climbing the charts of the most popular videos on I think we’re onto something.

High-end Headphones
Familiy Tech #1: High-end Headphones
The DASH in-car GPS
Family Tech #2: The DASH in-car GPS

3 thoughts on “Family Tech

  1. Bill, I didn’t mention David in this post from last summer, because I produced the first three in the series — the ones I mentioned here.
    David came on board a few weeks later.
    I’ll be sure to give David credit next time I post something about the series.

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