More from Denver

This piece, based on Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculptures, greets guests at the main entrance to the Pepsi Center, site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Michele Obama, wife of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, gives the headline speech at Monday’s kick off of the party’s convention in Denver.

This corn dog stand is one of the only places to eat on the perimeter of the Pepsi Center (unless you have a pass to get into the hall, or an even more coveted pass to the CNN Grill, the restaurant the news channel has commandeered and turned into a studio).

The tower in the background is a ride at Elitch Gardens, the amusement park that had to close (presumably for security) while the Dems party next door.


2 thoughts on “More from Denver

  1. Willard Duff

    I don’t recall the “Hope” sculpture, when we were there (Laura and I) in 2007. Was it placed there just for the convention?

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