Caught in the Act (of working)…

At the presidential debates at Hofstra University in Long Island last Wednesday, I worked alongside TIME National Political Correspondent Karen Tumulty. We roamed the press filing area and the famed Budweiser Tent — where reporters and politicos rub elbows — to produce a video segment for

James Estrin, a great soul and a top notch photographer for The New York Times, snapped this photo of us during an interview with Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and one-time candidate in the Republican presidential primaries. Romney — a wealthy entrepreneur who also headed up the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City — had this advice for our 401K retirement plans: “If you’re on a roller coast, the only way to get hurt is jumping off.”

Other folks we chatted with included: Governor Bill Richardson; Howard Dean (D) and Mike Duncan (R), the chairmen of the two parties’ national committees; Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Chicago; and we caught a glimpse of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (masquerading as Joe the Plumber).


3 thoughts on “Caught in the Act (of working)…

  1. Joel Fowler

    Hello, Craig:

    I’ve been “catching up” with you via your blog and, well, amazing! Congratulations on the job with Time back in June and, I must presume, right up to the present. They could not have made a better choice as I’m sure they discovered early on. If an when you have a spare moment – yeah, suure – I’d surely like hear more from YOU.
    My best,

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