Greetings from Joshua Tree


joshua03 joshua08






3 thoughts on “Greetings from Joshua Tree

  1. Willard Duff

    Have you ever been to Joshua Tree NP in Arizona? They Bloom in April I think maybe late March. That is quite a sight.
    You are looking healthy.

  2. frank buckley


    It’s your old pal Frank Buckley. Happy New Year my friend. Give me a holler when you get a chance. Once the military family stopped traveling, we settled next door to JT in Twentynine Palms. Glad to see you had a chance to appreciate its beauty. Hope all’s well.

  3. Norma Cummings

    Had not read your blog in a while. Too busy , I guess, but I do enjoy all of it. I once lived in the Majove Desert in Ridgecrest, Calif.. The desert is quiet and peaceful. Yes I have seen California Poppies and the Desert Candle and also the Joshuas in bloom. With just a little rain, the desert becomes a carpet of blooms, in the spring

    Some day I hope to return to that area for a visit.

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