Rockets and the Weekly Acoustic News

Been a busy week at the “things that move and make noise” department at Producer Caitlin Thompson and host Katherine Lanpher continue to create an informative and engaging financial toolkit podcast every week. This week, TIME columnist Justin Fox and reporter Barbara Kiviat joined Katherine this week to discuss the week’s business news. The main topic is the lessons from Lehman Bros., a year after the collapse of that financial titan.

David Clair Acoustic NewsDavid Clair is getting his groove on, and he’s on a roll. He’s a month and a half into his Weekly Acoustic News series, and on nine-nineteen-two-thousand-nine he is seeing Biblical signs in the week’s news.

This past week, Ze Frank took on the rash of disrespectful acts in the news recently.

Ron Paul answered viewer questions.

Picture 27And I’ve finished the last two of the four stories I shot at Burning Man. Barbara Traub’s photos from 1994 show a more austere Burning Man, in the days when the participants numbered in the hundreds, not the tens of thousands, and the Man himself, stood directly on the desert floor, not on a giant, decorated pedestal. I added her to the series of pieces on iconic photos.

Raygun Gothic RocketAnd one of the most prominent art pieces at this year’s event was the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, a forty foot-tall metallic rocket in a retro design out of 1930s sci-fi serials like Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. I spoke to one of the artists.


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