Pain and Hunger in Port-au-Prince’s General Hospital

My job is great fun most of the time. It has variety, depth and work that makes me laugh out loud. Like any job, being a director and boss in a large organization has its hassles and annoyances. But a great privilege of my job is that I get to inform people about things that really matter. And when I saw what Nick Weissman filed from Haiti today, I had a lump in my throat.

At the General Hospital in Haiti’s capital, dozens of volunteer doctors and EMTs are on hand, flown down from the states. Some are from Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn. But they are faced with great hardships. No pain medication for those who’ve just had amputations. And no food to feed patients who’ve just had traumatic surgery. In this story, which is our lead on this evening, a Haitian-born EMT from Brooklyn shows a newborn, who has not yet eaten since he was born. A day after being born, the baby has not had any milk — from his mother or formula — in its mouth yet.

Heartbreaking. Have a look for yourself.


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