Medill students cover elections across Chicagoland

People listen to Barack Obama speak at his campaign's election night party
Supporters listen to President Barack Obama speak at his campaign’s election night party at McCormick Place in Chicago. Photo by John V. Santore/MEDILL

Last night, 16 graduate students in the Medill urban affairs reporting class fanned out across the city — from congressional candidate events to the Cook County Clerk’s office to the convention hall where President Obama would give his victory speech — reporting on events via blogging, tweeting and making instagram photos.

Check out their work here:

Medill Reports: Election 2012

Medill Reports: Picturing an Election

I was kept busy backfielding and managing the coverage from a laptop as posts and tweets fed in from all across the city.

It was an exciting and mighty busy night.

Supporters cheer President Barack Obama as he speaks at McCormick Place on election night in Chicago. John V. Santore/MEDILL

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