I know this is late, but please give a round of applause for these fine student films

Poster Image Cameron

I’m running behind on everything these days, so forgive me for not posting this sooner. On December 11 at the Forum in the McCormick Tribune Center at Northwestern, three student projects made in my documentary class this past quarter, premiered to a full house.

It was an amazing evening and I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. Be sure to watch for these films to show up at a film festival near you:

Kathryn-Awards_colorcorretKathryn Reinvented

After Kathryn Boatright discovered her daughter had special needs that would require lifelong care, she turned away from a business career and became a registered nurse. But the business  side of her never went away. Now she’s an entrepreneur who has invented a product that can help parents track a child’s progress in the first year. As her app goes to market, can this single mom reinvent herself again and face the challenges that will test her in unexpected ways? By Clancy Calkins and Theresa Chong.

Beer_Program2Chicago: A Craft Beer Story

If a bar were to serve one beer from every craft brewer in Chicagoland, it would need more than 30 taps. And the number keeps growing every year. Filmmakers Mandy Niad and Lorenzo Patrick take viewers on a tour of Chicago’s oldest and newest breweries and get a taste of their creations (with names like Flywheel and Krankshaft, Gatecrasher and Smittytown Tart). Along the way, they discover the spark that set off the explosion of craft beers in Illinois.


I Love Mondays

Every Monday, Cameron is taking steps to become who he believes he is meant to be. Throughout this personal journey, he allows filmmakers Ashley Lapin, Ivy Wang and Deniz Alpay to find out who Cameron truly is. On the outside, people may see a friendly candy store clerk or a kid going for rides on his long board. But they will need to take a closer look to see who he is on the inside.


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