About Craig Duff


Craig Duff is an Emmy award-winning video journalist and documentary television director, producer and writer. He specializes in multi-platform storytelling and explanatory journalism. In January 2012, Craig was named a professor of journalism at the Medill School at Northwestern University.

He continues to work in the field of video journalism at outlets like NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, MSNBC.com. To see more of his recent work, go to his personal website: craigduff.com

Prior to joining the faculty at Medill, Craig was the director of multimedia and chief video journalist for TIME, where he oversaw video and other multimedia projects for the magazine’s digital platforms and TIME.com. In addition to managing and editing content, Craig’s personal works at TIME include a series of films on the Bill of Rights, feature stories on such varied topics as Barbershop Harmony and Demolition Derby, and editing several multimedia stories with TIME photographers.  He was also a supervising producer on the magazine’s award-winning cross-platform project Beyond 911: Portraits of Resilience.

In 2009, Craig and his team at TIME won a national EMMY award for new approaches in news and documentary programming for the Iconic Photo series.

While working at TIME, Craig was also an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

In the months before he joined TIME, in spring 2008, Craig was a Ferris Professor of Journalism in residence at Princeton University, where he taught a seminar on multi-platform journalism.

He spent the previous year in Egypt, where served as a Knight International Journalism Fellow at the Center for Electronic Journalism at the American University in Cairo.

Prior to the fellowship and during his academic appointments, Craig worked with the The New York Times as the paper ventures into broadcast journalism through the expanded use of video on its website.

In his work and travels, Craig has spent a week on an aircraft carrier during wartime, flown on a training mission in a B-52 bomber, soared in a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara, trekked for 21 days in the Himalayan mountains, eaten crickets in a hill tribe village in northern Thailand, dog sledded in Minnesota and photographed the orangutans of Borneo.

are you safer posterCraig’s television work includes several documentaries produced with the New York Times, including hour-long programs about the future of the Arctic Ocean (“New York Times Reporting: Arctic Rush”), Homeland Security (“Are Your Safer?” on the Discovery Channel), the ins and outs of political reporting (“Politics and the Media” on the Discovery Times channel), and the sale of looted artifacts in the antiquities trade (“Stolen Treasures,” also on Discovery Times).

In the summer of 2003, he traveled in Iraq for a program on the hunt for Saddam Hussein (“Hunting Saddam,” on The Discovery Channel). Based in Kuwait before and during the recent war in Iraq, Craig was assigned to work with New York Times Chief Military Correspondent Michael Gordon for a series of pieces on the NewsHour on PBS.

“CNN Presents: Summer of Fire,” an inside view into the lives of wildland firefighters as they tackled huge forest fires during the summer of 2002, ran in June and August of 2003 on CNN. Fire with EricAlso for CNN, Craig produced “Carrier at War” – an hour-long documentary for CNN’s documentary strand CNN Presents. That program chronicled a week in the life of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, as it operated during the war in Afghanistan. A follow-up to that program was “War Birds,” which focused on military aircraft, including the Navy’s newest jet fighter and the Air Force’s oldest bomber, the B-52. He also produced and directed (with Red Sky Productions) “El Lobo: the Song of the Wolf,” a film, hosted by musician Kenny Loggins, about the reintroduction of endangered Mexican gray wolves in the southwestern U.S.

He was the photographer, producer, writer and director of “Global Challenges: Virtual Villages,” a special for CNN International that looked at novel uses of new technologies in the developing world (shot on location in the Dominican Republic, India, Bangladesh, South Africa and Mozambique). Other memorable films and specials include: a documentary about the lingering effects of the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam; two programs which delved into the tribal world of tattooing and body art; “Changing our Minds,” a scientific special about the brain and long-term thinking; “Flamingowatch!,” a live wildlife program broadcast from Kenya and co-produced with the BBC and The National Audubon Society; coverage of the United Nations summits on environment and population; and “In Nature’s Wake,” a CNN newsmagazine special about the Mississippi river floods of 1993 (winner of a national Emmy award).

Craig ArcticBefore his successful freelance years, Craig was as an Executive Producer at CNN in Atlanta, where he co-created and oversaw the production of two cultural newsmagazine series (TOPX on TBS and The American Edge on CNN) as well as various specials.

During nearly 10 years at CNN and Turner Broadcasting, Craig Duff received numerous awards, including a national EMMY, two Cable Ace Awards, the National Headliner Award, a Genesis award, three awards from the Environmental Media Association, and festival honors from the Houston, Chicago, Columbus and National Educational Film Festivals.

His documentary New York Times Reporting: Arctic Rush was awarded the National Association of Science Writers’ 2006 Science and Society Award.

Craig has earned a Master of Arts degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Youngstown State University in Ohio.

Craig big Ben

29 thoughts on “About Craig Duff

  1. Ana Chassoul

    Hello there!!! Great webpage! Love it ! Glad to see you are having fun! I have to agree with Andy ( even though i dont know him) but I also love the camel picture!! un abrazo!
    Ana Chassoul

  2. mick g

    hey craig – i need to spend a little more time on your blog to see what you’ve been up to – just thought i’d drop a line and let you know we’re still here and kicking – got a bunch of gigs lined up for early next year & the jodorowsky films were a big festival sucess – btw – the pix look amazing!

    hope yer having a great time


  3. Kathy Atwell Pavlansky

    Didn’t go to the reunion but heard you had a website, Quite interesting! No wonder you were mad when we missed the opening credits of The Shining!

  4. Nagham

    Dear Craig,

    I’m really happy to know that you are teaching at AUC. You are giving a great chance to students to shoot and learn more about their surroundings. I just participated in a two week low budget workshop taught by an Egyptian director, basel ramsis and organized by Dayra Arts and the spanish embassy. It just took me to a different level all together. I studied Theatre and Journalism and Mass Communication. I’v travelled since I graduated and I just moved to Cairo three months ago. I really want to set a meeting with you. I can’t find your e-mail.

  5. Jen Duff :)

    Love the website! Glad to have your dad here with us for Christmas! Hope you are having fun with Laura and your mom!

    we love you!

    the other Duffs 🙂

  6. Jackye Haas

    Hello sweetie — I’ve just today had a chance to catch up on your website and blog and I must say, you are still the cutest thing alive. I’m so happy for you angel and can’t wait to hear all your stories in person. Take care and know you are in my thoughts and my heart. Love ya sweetie!! Be safe. And P.S. — I’m so happy you had Christmas tree!

  7. Eric Longabardi

    Hey Craig,

    So when are we going to work together? .. 🙂 I only have one real career goal now .. finish a feature length doc .. get it into Sundance … be the toast of the town …. get it sold .. and RETIRE! (not exactly .. but it would be a start!) In the meantime I keep me and the kid fed and clothed with the “day job!”

    Very cool blog, keep your eyes on Osama’s boys over there 🙂


  8. Eric Longabardi

    I almost forgot .. my caption for the canel shot … very funny

    Hey tourist .. that’s two humps pal! .. this aint a freak show .. move along!

  9. ashraf fadel

    i was the art director of el Sayeda Zeinab event for street childrens , iam so happy to see this pics on your web site and i which to meet again

  10. Camille Feanny

    Craig my friend…I absolutely LOVE your website! Thanks to Yasir for passing along the URL. It is great to see that you are having a great time running around the planet teaching…and learning along the way. I look forward to keeping updated on all the happenings in “Craig’s World” until I have the pleasure of seeing your wonderful smile again in person. Keep up the good times…and the great work my dear! Hugs, C

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  12. Nathan Plowman

    Hey mate, funny thing, I was looking up some pics on Abu Simble and ended up on your blog, anyway hope you are doing well, you do get around, I am living in Egypt, just got back form Aswan and Luxor. Anyway maybe I will see you around sometime,
    Nathan (from Burundi)

  13. Mary (Suhar) McMenamin

    Hi Craig,

    Missed you at the family reunion and now I see why. Wonderful. You make your mother proud, she was making sure we had your blog address if we wanted it. Really enjoyed seeing your life through the lens and writings. Also enjoyed her pictures of Ireland. They looked like they had a really good time and was glad that she was able to spend quality time with your sister. Wishing you all the best, keep up the good work and hope to see you home soon.


  14. To Craig,
    I also stumbled upon your web site, looking at pictures of Camel’s eyes on google. I am an artist in NYC and i’m currently working on a piece, a camel’s portrait. I needed more detail on an “eye” when i noticed that your photo of a camel at Giza looks darn close to a photo of my own from the same place. I know, I know, all camels look alike…..(not really) but this particular creature and the image of either the “Great” or the “Red” Pyramid in the distance, was so similar to mine, it caught my eye, no pun intended. My camel’s name was Antonio. At leaste that’s what the camel tender told me..I chuckled wondering if that’s the camel name they tell to all Americans..Drop a line and i’ll share details about our NYC gallery show.

  15. Badre Bally

    Hey Craig,

    It’s me Badre Bally, I used to be with the crew assisting you on the Wadi Degla documentary back in Egypt, good times, how are things?

    I’m currently residing in the UK with my big brother who works in BAA. I work in a snack bar (yeah, not the profession I study for but i plan to take multimedia courses soon)

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, do you still show the Wadi Degla video, I can’t seem to access the site you used to have it on.

    Anyway, it great to hear from you and I wish you the best.

    Yours, Badre Bally.

  16. Stuart McHardy

    remember the Tattoing Documentary? Well since looking at the Pictish Stoens all those years ago I have at last written A New History of the Picts (Revisionist Scottish history!)- doing well in the shops – and have just finished The Pagan Synbols of the Picts. Thought it might be an intersting tv for somebody… so if t you n know anyne who might be interested……..Vance and still talk abut your brief but memorable visit and I am sure he would insist on me saying hello on his behalf – he is still exactly the same but now with a rock’n roll B&B in Perthshire

  17. Audrey L. Salgado

    Enjoyed reading “About Craig” and all your achievements. I am so very proud of you. What it doesn’t say about you is how wise and fair you are in all things in life. Of course, I am a biased aunt, but that’s okay.

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