100 Days Behind the Lens

Photographer Callie Shell first photographed then-state-senator Barack Obama in 2004. When he announced he was running for President, she asked if she could cover him from the very first days of the campaign. She continued to follow him, shooting for TIME magazine through election day last year. When Obama took office in January, Shell proposed a project to tell the story — with remarkable behind the scenes access — of the first months for the Obama’s in the White House. I sat down with Callie last week, and put together a short documentary about her photographs from Obama’s first 100 days.

100 Days Behind the Lens: Barack Obama in Photos

Happy Muslims and Sport Stackers

sport stackTwo video pieces from this past week show the variety — that spice of life — that I enjoy at TIME.com.

Early in the week, my friend Mona Eltahawy discussed her dilemma as a liberal Muslim woman who has to compete with our stereotypes about Islam and its followers whenever she discusses issues in the media. She says her biggest nemeses are Angry Bearded Muslim Man and Covered in Black Muslim Woman.

She turned a column she had written for English and Arab-language newspapers — called The Happy Muslims Who Confuse You — into a video essay.

And this weekend 11-year-old Steven Purugganan is defending his title as world champion of the “cycle” in sport stacking. You may have seen this sport before, where kids stack cups in a sequence. Steve came to our offices at TIME to be photographed for a story in the magazine by Steve Snyder. Mr. Snyder and I chatted with young Steven and he demonstrated his record-setting technique for us. And yes, his arms really do move that fast. The video, as we say in the beginning, is not sped up.