Helping local NGOs get their message out

Looking back on the work done by students in my classes this past year, I am reflecting on the incredible stories told by teams of students in a new course I developed called The Art and Craft of Persuasive Video Storytelling. For that, I reached out to local NGOs doing good work in the city—ranging from school counseling and art therapy to protecting the water of the Chicago River and finding ways for young people from poorer neighborhoods to experience rowing on it—and asked if they would like a short video to promote their work. Below are the video pieces the students accomplished in the fall quarter.

Chicago Training Center – Four students went out to meet young people rowing on the Chicago River as part of this training center, which aims to build community and opportunity through the sport. Produced by Jessica Hoffman, Katie Karalis, Michael Oppenheim and Caleigh Ryan.

Institute for Therapy Through the Arts: To show the impact that art, music and performance therapy can have, students Kayla Famurewa, Madeleine Kenyon, Evelyn Ma and Carol Schivartche introduced us to Nick, who is doing music therapy at the organization’s Evanston office.

Communities in Schools of Chicago: Meet Nicki Keen, student supports manager at Westcott elementary school. Produced by Shannon Clark, Juju Miao and Ashley Peterson.

Friends of the Chicago River: To inform the public about Overflow Action Week—a campaign by the Friends of the Chicago River warning of the toxic effects of sewage flowing into the city’s storm drain system—students told the story of a group of cancer survivors who row on the river and advocate for making it cleaner. Produced by Sherry Chiu, Amanda Hermans and Danielle Levy.