100 Songs in 180 Seconds

How do you condense the 100 tunes we chose for the 100 Songs of All-TIME into a three-minute mashup? I didn’t know either until I tried it this week.

It was a challenge to take 100 cuts, spanning from Al Jolson to Janelle Monae (1924 to last year). It ends up being an average of 1.8 seconds per song. The result is a semi-schizophrenic 3-minute pop song.

See my post on its creation, and watch the video here:


Copenhagen Canal Trip

Last month, I spoke at the Nordic Media Summit in Copenhagen, where I met a delightful crowd of very smart people working in streaming media in the Nordic countries and beyond. This photo is from a boat ride in the canals we made at dusk. More photos from the event can be seen here.