Who Loses When the Oreo Jobs Move to Mexico?

oreothing_webDonald J. Trump says he’s never eating Oreos again. Ever. He has been saying this for months on the campaign trail after Mondelez International — the new name for the parent company of Nabisco — announced it was moving  600 jobs from Chicago to Mexico, to make the iconic Oreo cookie in a new state-of-the-art facility there. Hillary Clinton met with officials for one of the unions representing workers at the Nabisco plant in Chicago, and said she would force companies to give back tax breaks if they moved jobs off shore.

Offshoring is nothing new, but the recent layoffs have meant hundreds of Chicagoans lost a good-paying job, and for many the prospects of finding a new job with the same wages are slim. Stephen Franklin and I met three union members who have been out of work since earlier this year, and struggle to find a new job.  We told their story in this short documentary for NBCNews.com.

Salvador Ortiz moved from Mexico to America in the late 1980s and raised a family in Chicago. He recently lost his job when the parent company of Nabisco, moved the production of the Oreo cookie from its Chicago plant to a new one in Salinas, Mexico. (Craig Duff for NBCNews.com)
LaDonna Degolyer was a fork lift operator at the Nabisco plant in Chicago for six years. It was not her first layoff, but she says the stress was higher, and it led to her losing all of her hair. (Craig Duff for NBCNews.com)
Laid-off worker Anthony Jackson works a protest line with fellow union members across the street from the Mondelez plant in Chicago. (Craig Duff for NBCNews.com)


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